Fee Brothers is a dynamic company which actively promotes and participates in events all over the globe. 


Joe Fee with Shane Komine,  Sommelier, The Modern.

Hawaii Cocktail Week

February 16-23rd 2013


Hawaii Cocktail  Week closing party        Kate Gerwin, Barmagic, Tim Rita,  President, USBG Hawaii, Joe Fee, Tobin Ellis, Barmagic.

2012-03-20 Greenville, NC

Stuart Haithcock, East Carolina School of Bartending.  

Jeff "Beach Bum" Berry, www.beachbumberry.com.  Joe Fee, Judd Crumpler, Owner, Tavern on 4th.


Nightclub & Bar Show, Las Vegas. 

Russell Davis 
Nightclub & Bar Awards  
Bartender of the Year.



Nightclub & Bar Show, Las Vegas. 

left to right:
Joe Fee, Fred Noe, Great grandson of Jim Beam. Master Distiller for Jim Beam Brands. Bobby Gleason, Master Mixologist. 

Russell Davis,
2012 Bartender of the Year

Jake Bliven, Ninkasi Brewing Co.,  Joe Fee, Paul Morev, Serenity Restaurant & Lounge. 

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Hong Kong. February 25,  2013

Joe Fee, Max Traverse, Owner,  Honi Honi Bar, John O'Toole, Universal Exports.

Hong Kong. February 28, 2013              Roxanna Blanco, Universal  Exports, Joe Villanueva, Woobar, Hong Kong, Joe Fee, John O'Toole,  Universal Exports.

August 25, 2012

San Diego Spirits Festival 

Cocktail Competition (Sponsored by Fee Brothers) finalists and Joe Fee.

Jabriel Donohue (Portland, OR), Antonio Gonzalez (San Diego, CA), Oscar Olivates (San Diego, CA), Joe Fee, Nate Howell (San Diego, CA). 

Winner: Oscar Olivates www.MindfulMixology.com

Art of the Cocktail  

Artisan Works, Rochester NY 
March 25, 2011   

Carroll Wine & Spirits 

Bruce Tomlinson  

Cordially invite you to a cocktail party with celebrity mixologist

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011, 

The Ball and Biscuit 
333 Massachusetts Avenue 

Thursday, February 17, 2011  

John V. Heineman Company 

& Fee Brothers

Olive or Twist, 
140 6th Street 
Pittsburgh, PA 15222  

Katie Loeb Cordially invite you to a cocktail party with the star behind the bar